Thursday, August 24, 2006

Good news!

I was getting bored of reading my own whining, so I figured a post about good news would be better.

1) The work jackass of "operation get the jackass fired" fame has handed his notice in. I guess he realized that no-one was happy with his work. They have offered him a different position, to which he had a laundry list of demands that they are considering (idiots, they should just let him go). Whatever, whether he goes or he stays, he won't be doing any more work for us, which I'm pretty happy about.

2) I got a delivery yesterday of the best bra ever in the world. Ever. Victoria's Secret Ipex Wireless. It's the bomb, and is on offer for $29.50 at the moment (usually $42) so I ordered a couple last week from the internet, as my local stores never have the nice colors in my size. It's all comfy, yet supportive, and just shaped and padded enough to cover any random nipplage that would be oh so uncomfortable for any members of the American public to see, yet not so padded that you feel like you're carrying around a brick on your chest. And no nasty pokey wires!

3) Last week in my post-IVF internet shopping binge, I came across a vegetarian EPA/DHA supplement which also looks to be the bomb. I have taken flax and/or DHA in the past, but didn't feel either was really doing anything for me. But this one is more like fish oil that is touted to have all those fab health benefits, so I'm excited to see what it does. It is called V-pure. It is hella expensive, and I had to order it from England, but hey ho.

4) The weight is slipping back down again, so I have a chance to be back on track by Monday's weigh-in.

5) My cat hasn't pooped on the floor for 3 whole days. It's an ongoing battle we've been having, and usually when she lulls me into a false sense of security by not pooping on the floor for a day, she's right back at it the next day. So, this one could come crashing down around my ears when I get home tonight, but so far so good.

6) They just upped our pre-tax medical savings account maximum to $8000.

Um, OK, running out for now, but hey, it was a good start.

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Calliope said...

sooooo glad that jerk at the office will be out of the picture soon. GOOD!

& just looked at that bra & it looks very comfy. I also just realized that I have not purchased a new bra for myself in around 4 years & lately only seem to want to wear a sports bra.

Oh- & high five on the weight!woo whoo!