Monday, August 07, 2006

On crotch watch

OK, this was going to be a deep and meaningful post about how I turned into a hermit at the weekend, and how I'm such a loner when I allow myself to be, which isn't healthy. But sorry, all I can think about this morning is that my crotch itches.

Ha, sorry, TMI, I know. But it's uncomfortable.




More whining.

I'm trying to figure out if the progesterone suppositories have given me a yeast infection, or if it's all just irritated down there from the gunk. I've been eating a ton of yogurt, and it doesn't, um, have that smell, so it's hard to tell. I guess my last resort would be to stick the yogurt or some monistat where the sun doesn't shine, but there's enough gunk up there already I don't really want to add to it. Sigh. I guess I'll call the IVF nurse if it gets worse and ask what's OK to take.

Yuck. The joys of IVF. Why oh why do I have to have such sucky progesterone levels that the damn intramuscular injections aren't enough? Why oh why did the nice friendly prometrium capsules have to give me a damn peanut intolerance so I can't use them any more?


katty said...

Yes. Progestereone suppositories. The final indignity.
Have you tried using them rectally instead? I don't like to do that - I am really not into sticking my finger up my bum - but my friend says she prefers it, and it doesn't leave such a mess.
You'd also be able to work out how much of the mess and how much was the suppositories if you tried that as an experiement?

Calliope said...

hate progesterone yukkiness too. ugh!
I hope the itch subsides.