Monday, July 14, 2008


I was quite diligent with the math studying yesterday. Although I still wasn't feeling quite prepared enough by the time 10pm rolled around. And just as I was working on some test problems while debating whether to push through for another couple of hours, the infamous detox headache hit. And in seemingly no time at all it developed into a horrible, terrible, no-good, head-pounding, brain-splitting headache.

I went to bed. I tossed and turned. The headache burned. Random thoughts were whirling around my brain, not making any sense but keeping me awake. I debated taking some good old strong painkillers but then I am supposed to be detoxing, so wasn't sure if that was appropriate. In the end I decided I would just wait it out. I downed a ton of water, thinking that maybe it would help flush everything through, and it did seem to help a bit. I eventually dozed off. But then woke up again fairly soon afterwards with my head pounding, and now thirsty. So that's pretty much what I did all night, wake, drink, try to relax, doze, wake, rinse, repeat.

There's no way I can do a college placement test today. I am rapidly running out of time, of course. Bleh. So, I am now aiming for tomorrow morning, and am hoping it will be good enough. And hoping that my brain can cooperate - if it doesn't shape up by tonight, I am seeking help in pharmaceuticals.

Yes, you did all tell me that detoxing while studying math was crazy!

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bleu said...

So sorry hun, I hope it gets better today and stays that way.