Wednesday, July 23, 2008


OK, so as part of my brave new world, I have decided to go along to my local Buddhist center tonight for their meditation practice. It's something I have vaguely wanted to do for a while but have always been too much of a lame ass to go. But no more lameness! I am going! I am going to become more involved in community things and not hide myself away from the world in a fit of infertility-induced self pity.

And by writing it here, I'm putting the intention out there so I can't back out.


bleu said...

Very cool. One thing I am really excited about with the move to Canada is that I will be close to two Shambhala monasteries in Nova Scotia, and one is where Pema Chodron resides usually.

calliope said...

is it bad that my first instinct was to hope that you got to "meditate" next to a hawt guy?

can't wait to hear what it is like!

Stephanie said...

I'd be curious to see what it's like.

Have fun Ohm-ing! :-)

Ladybird said...

S, all the very best with your studies. Just finished my exams etc and very happy. Let me know how meditation goes, I bought meditation for dummies which probably disqualifies me from the start but I do want to do it. I'm excited for you starting your new life. Ixx