Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Please raise your glasses...

I'd like to announce a little venture I've been working on, so I hope you'll join me in this party to celebrate the launch of my new blog.

It's not going to be a replacement blog, so don't worry about missing any of my daily prattle here. But this is my private blog for spewing out my innermost thoughts, that I don't necessarily want the world to find by googling for something unconnected to infertility. The new blog is a product review site which I started because, well for one, I'm always googling for product reviews for things I'm thinking of buying, and secondly because with the income taking a dive shortly as I go off to school I want a site that will generate some good traffic. Ahem.


I'd like to introduce The Green Frugalista

*Do you want to go green but are scared off by the high price of organic items?
*Would you like to buy more eco-friendly products but don't think you have the time to drive to five different specialty stores to find everything?
*Are you hoping to be more of a tree hugger but don't have the time or the energy to make everything yourself?

Don't worry, the green frugalista is doing the hard work for you, driving around (in my Prius of course) checking out products that you can actually afford and find in your local stores.

Check back regularly for product reviews, shopping commentaries and more.

Woo-hooo! I hope everyone mingles nicely and enjoys the champagne and nibbles. Don't spill anything, please. But please do take a look around and let me know what you think. I've got a few reviews up, and will be adding them on a daily basis (at least for now while I'm building the site up). If you have any products that you think are worth reviewing, or want to do a guest review you can either comment over there, or comment in this post. I'm trying to make it all about green products that the average gal can buy easily, so there won't be any $90 moisturizer reviews. The products may still not be totally frugal because I'm not that interested in making stuff myself, but hopefully they will be things that an average busy working person can use and enjoy.

And if you think it sucks ass, well, you can say that too!

P.S. I hope you love the header too. It is by Calliope so if you like it, check out her "header art" page and order one yourself. You'll see that my new yoga girl has made it over here too.


calliope said...

so so so proud of you, sweetie. The new site is a wonderful idea and I can't wait to go green (with your help!)

Mermaid said...

That's fantastic!

I didn't know about the eye shadow, but I'm going to check it out.

Meg said...

Very cool! It looks so professional!
I'm a brainstorming type of person so I hope you don't mind a few ideas that popped in my head.
In addition to product reviews how about some tips for folks on what to look for when trying to buy greener. I would love to be more green but not always sure what to look for on the labels. Perhaps come up with your own version of thumbs up thumbs down for a how green is it rating system. Some reviews of popular products that aren't so earth friendly and offer a greener alternative. How about putting that fabulous header art on some t-shirts and tote bags and offer them up for sale.

Solitaire said...

Thanks Meg - those are great ideas!

Stephanie said...

That's great, Sarah!! I was just at Nutrition World and I was looking at soaps. Not reading the labels, mind you, just staring. I had no idea which one to buy!! Now, I have an idea of what to use!! Hoooray!!

I could write a couple of guest reviews if you'd like. I love the Jason shampoo/conditioner I've been using. Also, I have an enzyme based mildew remover that works great as well.

I love your idea! I'm off to go enjoy some champagne courtesy of your new enterprise! :-)

Sam said...

Maybe I should have held back on the leg-humping comment? Sorry! Sometimes I get over excited and blurt things out a bit.

gypsygrrl said...

i checked out the new place cuz cali told me to!!! its awesome... and you are YOU!

i'll try and put up a post and let my readers know, in case anyone on my page doesnt read cali. tho really...who DOESNT read cali?


Billy said...

Raising a glass of wine for your new blog!
Great idea!