Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Classy action

Oh, I'm so bad. I did hardly any work yesterday. Registration has opened for the fall semester for the local community college. But not for me. No siree. Just for current degree-seeking students. Registration for credit-seeking but non degree-seeking folks like me opens next Thursday. But, you can now see the class schedule, and you can see how many spots are left on each class.

So of course I spent a few hours figuring out the perfect timetable for me, if I can get into the classes I want. And then I figured out an alternate timetable or two, in case some of the classes fill up. And then I spent a while obsessively logging in again to see the "number of spaces left" number going down. I can tell it's going to be a long week. Because of course even though there are a ton of classes, I've now sorta kinda got my heart set on that perfect timetable so it bugs me every time a place gets taken.

I still haven't even taken my placement exams. Even though I promised faithfully that I would study lots of math while I was in Vegas, I didn't do anything. So now this weekend is designated as studying weekend, after the visiting relatives go home. And I'll take the test on Monday morning, hopefully pass, and be able to register for what I want on Thursday. I hope. Provided there are places left. In fact, you'll have to excuse me a moment while I go and check how it's all going...

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calliope said...

math exams...BLECH!!!

That sucks that you have to wait until next week to register.