Friday, July 25, 2008

Yet more detox news

So, I know you're all like, totally dying to hear how the detox/weight loss thing is going. I mean, nothing interesting going on the rest of the blogosphere, right? Like, waiting for beta results or twins in the NICU or anything. Nope, you want to hear about my fatness, I am sure.

Well, I stopped the detox on Saturday and as of Wednesday morning I had gained half a pound back. I was fairly angelic with the food choices, I have to say - tons of fresh veggies sauteed in mostly water with a little oil (and a lot of chilli, cilantro and lime juice) with some protein such as tofu or seitan, with protein shakes for breakfast. By yesterday morning it was up to a pound back, as I started having more bad foods. By this morning, after a baaaad day involving cookies, ice cream, pizza and beer, I was back up 2.5 pounds. Some of today's gain I am sure is just water weight from extra salt consumption and the like. But anyway, I am going back on the detox for 4 days. I figure 8 days on, 6 days off, 4 days on, 4 days off, 2 days on and then just try to do it as often as possible on weekends is a good compromise between actually being able to eat occasionally and easy weight loss. We'll see.


bleu said...

I have always loved seitan when I have it out and about but never when I try to prepare it myself.

Anonymous said...

I bought the mv detox book and Im looking at juicers. Thanks for the inspiration.


Sam said...

Cookies, ice cream, pizza and beer... by far the most exciting things that I don't get to enjoy. Unless they are gluten-free which kind of kills the yummy.

Anonymous said...

Okay, not dying to hear how the detox is going, but interested...even with twins in the NICU. And, as to the judger about the DE...shame on them...really. Each person needs to make the best choices for them. Hang in there and try not to let such folks get to you. Well written reply though, btw. I hoped it helped work out some of the annoyance. Deb (deb2you2)