Sunday, July 13, 2008

Detox, III

Amazingly enough, I have not fallen off the wagon yet. Of course, it helps that I am not doing an extreme fast, like trying to survive on just water for 3 days. I've tried that before, and crashed and burned spectacularly. Nope, this time I am trying to feed my body with good nutrients about every 2 hours. But it's all fresh juices or pureed drinks or soups - nothing solid, and only fruits or veggies or teas with the occasional herbal supplement like spirulina. No dairy, no other protein sources, no salt, no coffee, none of that nasty stuff.

I feel pretty good, although again my fingers and toes are stiff. My feet are nicely deflated though, and not puffy any more. I had a nap yesterday afternoon, and took a short bike ride. I will try to do some gentle walking today. Or maybe swimming.

This morning, after 2 days, I am down 3.5 lbs. I know it's not going to be a permanent loss, but if I can hang on to half of whatever I lose, I will be happy. I might even keep it going for a few days longer as I'm doing so well on it at the moment.

As for the math, meh, still haven't done any. I did do some English yesterday (it's a math and English test, but I am more confident on the English). So today HAS to be solid math day. I'll start soon. Promise.

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Miss X said...

Way to go, Sarah! I need to detox myself. Eventually maybe I'll do it. ;)