Monday, October 29, 2007

Is six my lucky number?

Holy crap, I'm starting lupron next Saturday! I'm actually doing another IVF cycle. When did this creep up on me all of a sudden?

I decided that Saturday was the day for the surge. The subsequent OPKs were definitely lighter, and going by my CM and today's pathetic temperature rise I'm going to hope that I am correct. I'd have preferred a nice, clear, unambiguous temperature rise, but nooo, my body does not cooperate like that. But what the heck. Let's just hope for the best and say I've ovulated.

I can't actually believe it has come to a sixth IVF cycle. Who'd have thought it? Who can possibly have hope that it will work this time when it didn't previously? Oh wait, I said that hope wasn't necessary. But still, one has to hope going into a cycle, otherwise we wouldn't do it. I'm back to panicking slightly because of the whole "this is the last try with my own eggs" thing. What if it doesn't work? What if it does?

OK, let's not panic. Let's just casually go down the road of going through the motions, and get on with it.


serenity said...

My last cycle was, well, my last too. And I felt the same sort of rising panic when I'd think to the end "what if this doesn't work?"

What really helped me was just focusing on the here and now. The next step - suppression. Then stims. Et cetera.

I kept telling myself that it didn't make any sense to focus on the outcome, since I didn't have any control over it. I just kept the faith that I'd figure my next steps out once I got there.

*hug* I have every finger and toe crossed that this IS your magic cycle.

T said...

#6 was my last local cycle, then I was going to head to cornell. Fortunately, I got lucky - I hope you do too!

Oh and I thought *I* was the queen of ambiguous ovulations tests! Here's my crown.

June Bug Momma said...

ABSOLUTELY! 6 IS YOUR LUCKY #!!! Persistance pays off in the long run!This is it Sarah! Sending you "lots of big fat 'n plump follie" vibes!! :-)

MargieInAZ said...

I completely agree with Serenity. Focusing on one step at a time was how I got through everything. I just went through the motions...
Try not to overthink everything. Just hang on for the ride... don't drive yourself crazy.
Oh, and I've got plenty of hope that this cycle is IT for you.
Hugs & Kisses, MM