Monday, October 01, 2007

The bubble

My bedroom wall has an aneurysm. Well, so says my aunt, who admittedly has aneurysms on the brain (although literally speaking, we hope she only has one aneurysm on the brain). We had some major rain storms over the weekend, and yesterday afternoon I noticed a 6" diameter bubble on the wall, about 10" underneath the window. So I poked it. And it sloshed. I guess there must be some wallpaper or other paper underneath the layers of paint on the wall, and water is trapped behind the paper, forming a bubble. Or maybe the paint layers themselves are forming the bubble. But sloshing is not so good. Not so good at all.

It is still there this morning, still sloshing. I thought of popping the bubble to let the water out, but then I wasn't sure if that would release lots of toxic mold spores into the room so I left it.

I am really feeling the financial strain of repeated IVFs lately. It wouldn't be so bad day-to-day if I'd have taken all the cash out of my savings, I suppose, but then I wouldn't have any savings left. No, I have tried to scrimp and save as I go along, and I have a medical flex spending account which takes a gargantuan sum out of every paycheck. I have a well paying job, don't let me paint the wrong picture. I am not poor or short of money - I do still have savings that I can tap into. But lately it seems like I lurch from one financial crisis to another. I don't have that nice cushion of cash that I used to do, which can absorb minor household disasters.

So just as I'm gearing up to pay for another cycle, AND my computer at home has died and I wanted to replace it, AND I'm having some work done on my air conditioning system this week, here's another wrench thrown at me. I should take it as a reminder for why I want to stop this nonsense, even if the IVF is not successful. It's giving me cold sweats to think about how much money this bubble is going to cost me. What if they open up the wall and find it riddled with mold? What if they have to rebuild the wall or refit the window and then break the darn thing when they try to take it out? I can't keep going on like this.

OK, deep breath. The house isn't falling down, it will work out in the end.

But, just have to add - OMG, they're rounding the monks up in Burma and sending them to prison. I am so saddened by the world these days, just so saddened.

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calliope said...

all of this effing rain is just insane!!
(Wait- is it raining at your house too??)

I hope the brain surgery on your house is easily done & extremely cheap.