Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Bleu wins the prize for being right on the bubble. Phew. It was the window leaking. It confused me because it wasn't right underneath the window, and there was no trail of water leading from the window. But the guy said that I should caulk all the windows and that on the bedroom window the outside stucco was not properly done on the sill as it wasn't allowing water to drain off. So he is coming back to grind it down for me. He said he thought water was going inside the wall, pooling on top of the concrete lintel, and then running off and forming this bubble. And he didn't think there was any mold, so that's a big relief. The water in the bubble had evaporated yesterday as it was a nice hot dry day so we are all good.

And I had some air conditioning work done this morning, and OMG, the house actually feels comfortable! It is quiet again! I don't think it is going to wake me up overnight when it turns itself on with a roar like a freight train coming through the house.

So, I'm pretty happy today.


calliope said...

so glad that the bubble & air conditioning troubles are taken care of.

& sorry for bursting the birthday bubble yesterday...but not really ;-)


bleu said...

thank you, thank you very much


June Bug Momma said...

Wonderful Sarah! Glad you are living more comfortably and you did not have to fork out a ridiculous amount of cash. What a terrific birthday gift! lol Cheers! :o)