Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cash needed!

If you can spare some cash, please go on over and see Cali (if you haven't already). She was doing a shared IVF where she was supposed to donate half her eggs in return for most of the fees being paid for her. But due to a stupid lab test giving her a positive (false we hope) hep C result, she's now no longer eligible to donate. So has to come up with the cash for an IVF cycle in, like, 2 days. Which she can't do without help. She has a "donate for IVF" button if you can spare anything.

We are weird fertility twins, it seems, as of course I also had a false positive hep C result, which got me cancelled from an IVF. I hadn't started stimming at that point, though, nor had I already travelled to the out-of-state clinic. And would have been cancelled anyway because of a cyst. And can come up with the cash myself. OK, so we're not twins, as the situations are completely different, apart from the bizarre hep C nonsense, but we've been on this fertility rollercoaster together since 2005 and I just want her to finally get knocked up already.


Anonymous said...

Tried to read her blog but don't have password- sorry.

June Bug Momma said...

OMG that is just awful! I read her blog from time to time and I just love her self of humor! LOL! I feel so bad for her, it is just not fair.;o( Praying that all turns out ok and Cali is able to proceed with her cycle! Keeping my thoughts positive & fingers crossed!