Sunday, October 28, 2007


I think I am queen of the ambiguous ovulation tests. I missed a couple of IUI's back in the day because I didn't get a clear positive test, and then popped the egg too quickly.

Yesterday, I may have had a +OPK. Or not. I ended up not peeing for 6 hours during the day, due to a combination of not drinking enough water and taking a really long afternoon nap. So I think my pee was pretty darn concentrated, maybe too concentrated so it gave me a false positive. Who knows. And then it wasn't clearly positive when I first did it, but darkened up a lot as it dried. And it was one of those with a super thin dark line and the rest of it not quite as dark, so it's hard to read. But the ones since then have been getting lighter so even though it wasn't an ideal positive, it may have been the one. I will do another one this afternoon to see what's what, and see if my temperature goes up in the morning (note to self: must not booze too much tonight and create a false temperature rise). I did a test this morning after holding pee for 3 hours, but it was pretty feeble so I am ignoring it. Thankfully it is the weekend, so I can put off calling the scheduler until Monday, when hopefully the situation will be clearer. Or not. Maybe I'll just wing it.

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