Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday, bloody Sunday?

So, I spoke too soon on me being all "healed" and better. My neck and shoulder pain is back with a vengeance, I am crampy and my lower back hurts. I'm going to blame this all on my impending period, and hope that I am back to feeling fabulous next week. But Jeez, just hurry up and get here already! I'm tired of the PMS-ing. It should be here today, I had spotting on Thursday and Saturday, and now I guess it's all sealed itself up tight just to play tricks with me. Well, maybe it'll make an appearance later today if I'm lucky.

Then I need to call the coculture scheduler to tell her about my "day 1", and then call the IVF nurse to go over the meds list and get the prescription sent to the pharmacy. There are a couple of items I want her to check with Dr. S. because he was rather vague when I last spoke to him ("um, yes, we could put you on estrogen in the luteal phase"). I think I know where "could" is going to end up if I don't push for more information, as it'll end up with "well, Dr. S. would have to prescribe it for you if he wanted you to be on it, and he didn't, so..." End of discussion. Whereas if the nurse checks it now and gets it written on my chart, I am good to go. See, I am learning how Big Clinic works!

I went out shopping today for a few items of clothing that I can wear to NY. I find it so hard, though, to buy sweaters and think of cold weather things when it is in the mid-80's. But November in NY is not the same as November in Florida, and hardly any of my cold weather clothes fit me, or are appropriate fashion-wise as they were purchased 10 or so years ago. But I got a sweater and a pair of sweat pants, so I think I at least have enough for the coculture trip. Maybe not for the IVF trip itself, but there's time to do more shopping between now and then. Any pointers for late November stuff? How cold is it really going to be?

P.S. retested my cholesterol and it was 212, with HDL at 27. Not great, but better than last week at least. I will just have to keep being good and hope it dips below 200 again soon, with that HDL hopefully coming back up too.


hedgetoad said...

My guess would be that you will be fine with medium weight jacket, sweater, hat and scarf... the weather in late Nov. can be quirky. It can be quite warm or quite cold. However, if you're traveling by cab or subway, you'll go from cold to hot to cold to hot.

Layers are the key!

June Bug Momma said...

Glad to hear your Cholesterol shows some improvement. Keep working on it in hopes that it will continue to lower.

VA/NY area is pretty much inconsistent weatherwise. Total toss up. You just can't predict well in advance. I think a thin pullover sweater will work. Bring a long sleeved shirt to wear under it if it is real cold. I have a thin leather jacket that I wear in te Fall season and it keeps me pretty warm.

I am getting pumped up for you!! I hope this is the cycle that you will have a lot to be tankful for this Thanksgiving!! ;o) GOOD LUCK SARAH!!!

calliope said...

I went shopping this weekend too!
I really wish you could come over & help me pack. ugh.

And I am soooo jealous that it will be nice & COLD when you travel. I just checked weather for the northeast for next week & there are two days where it will be in the effing 80's!!! crap.

& nice work on the cholesterol.

sending dainty period vibes your way.