Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Doing the (mini) freak out

So, I called the scheduler yesterday, as I mentioned. And she left me a voicemail when I was on the phone. Darn, if that isn't always the way. I can be sitting waiting for that phone to ring for hours hoping she'll call, and then the second I have to actually do some work, she calls. Damn work, getting in the way of my life yet again.

She moved my pencilled-in appointment for the coculture biopsy to the 8th. When I'd already booked the hotel and the time off work for the 6th. So I started having a freak out, and imagining not being able to change my hotel reservation, or worse, changing it, and then surging early and having to change it back again to the 6th. And not being able to because of the hotel being booked solid for a conference or something. And then there's the little matter of a team mate of mine who has booked the 9th off, and asked for the 8th as well if possible. So it'd be hard for me to be off on the 8th as well. And I'd have to travel crazy late after work on the 6th to be able to get there in time for the morning blood work that is necessary the day before the biopsy.

I don't know why I freak so much. It is all changeable. I haven't booked my flight yet because the date is not definite until I actually get my LH surge. If the hotel is booked up, there are plenty of other hotels in the city, they'll just be more expensive. Work will sort itself out. I know all this logically, and yet there's this "ohmygodthingsaregoingwrong" part of my brain that just panics.

Having calmed down, I called her back this morning. And she changed it for me, and put a note on the computer that it might still have to be the 8th, but they'll try to fit me in on the 6th. No fuss, no bother, just a teeny note of annoyance in her voice, but hey, she's a busy lady. So I freaked for nothing. As usual.

But now, I am praying for a nice, early surge, so I don't have to call her back shamefaced and ask her to change it back to the 8th.

Oh, and in case it isn't clear what the plan is for this cycle, it is:

1) monitor for LH surge;
2) have coculture biopsy between 5 and 12 days after the LH surge; and
3) start lupron at 7 days after the LH surge.

So I could start lupron before or after the biopsy, but that doesn't affect things, apparently. And no birth control pills, which is nice. Then I will start stims after my next period. And hopefully stop this crazy IVF nonsense once and for all by finally getting knocked up. Hahaha, don't all laugh at once at my ridiculous hope there.

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Calliope said...

no bcp??? soooo awesome.

& your mini freakout was so contained and polite- I am impressed.

but really you are just awesome for calling the lady back and getting what you need.

come on early surge!!!