Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kitty vacation!

Hey, I'm working through my pre-IVF to do list. And the cat is now booked in for boarding while I'll be in NY! Phew! I was getting stressed about it, because it's over Thanksgiving and I was worried they'd be full. And we haven't been to the vet for a year so I didn't know if she'd need to go in for a check-up or vaccinations beforehand, but she doesn't! Double phew! I just need to take her vaccination history with me when I drop her off and give them permission to do any that she needs.

AND it isn't too expensive. Triple phew!

Of course, I'll have to pay dearly in terms of dealing with a grouchy cat when I get back, but oh well. She'd be groucy if I left her at home too, and at least this way I don't have to worry about my friends not wanting to feed her over Thanksgiving.


calliope said...

yay! This was a big thing to cross of your list.
So glad Kitty is taken care of now. & maybe they will give her a nice vegan turkey meal over the holidays.


June Bug Momma said...

Great Sarah! That is one less worry for you as if the IVF cycle is not aleady stressful and worrisome! I remember your comical post about when you came home to your cat. I think you will have a very thankful Thanxgiving! ;o)Hoping this is your last IVF!!!