Friday, February 29, 2008


Chunky. That should be all that I'm going to say, but you know me. Never fear to tread where others might usefully decide it's all too much information. I've seen 'em before, the panicked posts about post FET whitish redish flesh chunks, especially after chemicals. But I didn't have a real chemical, just a maybe early chemical that never even made it to beta day. So I didn't expect the same myself and therefore I'm fairly confident that this is lining chunks and not baby chunks. But still. This isn't terribly normal or pleasant, and makes me wish for good old clots. At least those don't make you go WTF? Am I chumming the freakin' waters now?

Makes you wonder if the FET-built lining is the same as the regular stuff. But I guess lots of people DO have success with FET's so I suppose it works just the same.

IVF. Just a whole lotta fun. Or, a lorra lorra laffs, as Cilla would say (which reference you'll only recognize if you're English and of a certain age). Ahh, my sides ache from all the fun.

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