Friday, February 22, 2008

Blood is drawn

I like the nice blood draw lady at my local RE's even-more-local-to-me satellite office. There are only two blood draw ladies that work there, and the main one, Debbie, is just lovely. She really cares about me, I feel, and we always have a lovely chat about how things are going with me, and what my plans are next and all that shit. And more importantly, she doesn't try to bullshit me like some of the other nurses when I walk in on 15DPO and say that I know it didn't work. She also said she'd seen it work for women after many many cycles, and she'd never tell anyone to just give up and stop trying. She thinks perseverance is key, if you CAN keep going, as many people can't.

So that's that. My blood is at the lab. The phone call will come some time after lunch. And then it is on to frantic planning for LV, presumably, unless a miracle occurs. A couple of the hotels I was considering are already booked up so I feel like I need to get on with it quickly.


bleu said...

Thinking of you today.

Kim said...

Sending you some virtual hugs, 'cause I know you're probably in a "everything sucks" mood today.