Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy fake ovulation day to me!

Break out the streamers and the party hats!!

No more lupron! 34 days of 10 units of pure "I hate the world" serum, and I am finally done. I did my last shot this morning and I am feeling pretty happy about that. I think that the four estrogen patches currently plastered all over my belly are also helping to overcome the hate-iness so I'm in quite a good mood today.

The bad news is that I start PIO tonight, and then have to do it twice a day for the next 4 days, but oh well, it's not as if my butt isn't well padded enough to deal with it.


katedaphne said...

Ok, the lupron was bad enough, but PIO TWICE a day? That is just inhuman.

Glad you're starting to feel better.

love k

Kim said...

Huzzah for no more lupron! :-D

June Bug Momma said...

Yah! Awesome Sarah! But...OMG PIO 2x/day!!! Yikes! I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end!! Good Luck & Best Wishes Sarah!!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooo, so close!
Sending good thoughts your way.

Rachel said...

Yay no more Lupron!!

Good luck with everything.