Monday, February 04, 2008

Lupron public service announcement

So, having been a bit scientific and measured just how much is left in my old lupron bottle, I can tell you all that it is indeed overfilled by about 0.5ml. If you're reeeally really good with the needle, that means you can get 33 doses of 0.1ml or 10 units. But only if you're really good as that last 0.1ml was a bugger to get out, and sometimes during the last 10 days or so I was trying to only give myself a dose of 9.5 units or so in the hopes that the bottle would last, so I may have slightly underdosed on a few days. It'd be safer to count on 4 extra doses.

But anyway, now that I have a shiny new bottle I have switched over because, why not? Why not have shiny and new as opposed to old and dreggy? And, not that I'm counting or anything, but today is my 31st day on lupron. A whole frickin' month of pretty much hating the world. Ahh, the joys of infertility.

I have my ultrasound and bloodwork in the morning, so I'm hoping for good things and NO MORE DELAYS! Please, oh please!


bleu said...

I am sending positive thoughts your way, no more delays!!!!!!!!!

I STILL do not understand why your doc had you on 10 units of Lupron instead of 5, which is SOOOOOOOO much easier to handle. I even got mine to let me do 5 the whole time for my FET. I could not handle 10 units for 10 days let alone 31?? You poor thing.

Anonymous said...

Good luck tomorrow Sarah!


calliope said...

holy hell. a month of lupron gets you a giant medal of honor in my book. sheesh, honey!

Sending every single positive & hopeful thought I have your way.

I am now very depressed, but excited for you.

Almamay said...

You are a saint. My DH moved out after I was on Lupron for a week. Wanted to add that Gonal-f and Puragon pens have an extra 50ml-75ml in them. I use a needle to pull the remainder out of the pen. It can add up.

All the best for tomorrow.