Friday, February 08, 2008

Happy happy joy joy

Dang, I have been in a good mood the last few days.

And I'm pretty certain that it's entirely due to the end of lupron and the extra estrogen I've been on. No wonder women were so unhappy when that study showed that hormone replacement therapy was dangerous. In fact, if it wasn't, I think I'd be urging everyone I know in peri menopause and later to get on some estrogen patches on the double. Or, should I say, on the quadruple, seeing as it's four patches a day that clearly does it for me.

ETA: Do you think we sweat more with more estrogen? It should be the other way around, right? I mean, hot flashes are cured by estrogen. But the last few days I have been thinking that my lovely natural deodorant that I recommended wasn't working for me any longer. I'll admit it, I was stanking by the end of the day. And now today, which has been pretty stressful and you would therefore think stinky, I'm still smelling sweet at 6pm. Well, if not sweet then at least I'm not Stinky McStinkypants. Or maybe it's the the lurve pheromones or something given off when your estrogen is high. Hmmm.

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