Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cycle meds and detritus

...or, my own private pharmacy.

There's something of a rite of passage in the IVF blogging community.  The moment when that giant box o'meds arrives for someone's first IVF cycle, and they exclaim in awe at the sheer volume of stuff that they are going to have to figure out and shoot up.  And because it's a momentous occasion, they usually post a shot of all the meds.  I never did that because I didn't start blogging until IVF#3 and was too cheap to buy a digital camera for a couple more cycles.  [And don't tell anyone, but I secretly love those shots, because they remind me of that cycle-just-starting optimism and the almost Christmas Day-like joy and hope of opening up that big box for the first time.]

Well, today was meds delivery day.  And as I usually do while waiting for the FedEx truck, I sorted through all the detritus from prior cycles so I can throw away garbage, and to group together the same size syringes, needles, alcohol pads, leftover meds, etc, to organize everything.  And then decided that I may as well pose everything nicely on the bed for a commemorative photo once the new meds turned up to join their leetle friends.  Just so I can have one of those "wow, look at all my meds" photos too.  Except of course with several cycles worth of leftovers, I hope I win the "mine is bigger than yours" bragging contest.

Yes, I have a shit load of needles and syringes.  I refused delivery of needles and syringes on one cycle and in retrospect should have done it on this cycle too.  Yes, I have two full sharps container waiting to go to the county sharps exchange program.  I will get around to it at some point.  Yes, I have a ton of leftovers - I suppose that's what you get for going to three clinics and doing many different protocols so that a leftover ganirelix is just left languishing in the bottom of the meds box.  One day I hope to actually get pregnant so I can donate the leftovers to a fellow infertile rather than doggedly hanging on to them in the realization that I may just need them another time.  Yes, pretty much every single fertility med I can think of is included there, except I forgot the lupron bottle that was in the fridge so it didn't get included in the family photo.  Oh, and maybe bravelle, which I've never used.  Or the newer ones like endometrin.

Ain't they purty? Though I would be very very happy not to have any of them, so I'm not a very grateful owner, I admit.


Aimee said...

Oh my Sarah!!! May these be your *lucky* meds!! :o) I'm waving my magic wand over them!!!

namaste said...

Holy cow. You sure do have a lot of sharp stuff in your box o' fun. My tummy and hip are aching in sympathy pains already.

Thinking of you. xo

calliope said...

man. you are always wowing me when you post a photo. First it was your kitchen & now this.

You SO win!