Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day One

Finally the FET is done.  After stopping meds last Friday I have been waiting and waiting and...nothing.  And I had a deadline of tomorrow by which time I had to call Local Clinic if my period hadn't arrived, so they could do another beta to rule out an ectopic.  Which I knew I wouldn't have, so it would have annoyed me immensely to waste my time and no doubt money on that little errand.

If I can start the bcp tonight, I'll be on them for a grand total of 14 days.  The minimum that LV Clinic wants you on bcp is 10 days, so it was cutting it fine there.  I'd much rather have 14 days than 10 days for some reason.  10 days doesn't seem like it would do anything to control your hormones at all.  But whichever it is - holy crap my next IVF is coming up quickly!  


Cindy said...

So, excited for you!

beautycourage said...

Hi there... First time on your blog. good luck this cycle! I am doing a FET in LV in march, as well... probably the same place, no? SIRM? I love it there. All the best!

calliope said...

so glad you have this IVF lined right up. Sending you all my mojo for a perfect cycle.