Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yet more waiting

I wasted an inordinately long amount of time at the RE's today waiting to get my ultrasound. They said they'd been having problems with the machine. Yeah, uh huh. Right. Just waste an hour and a half of my life in a freezing cold waiting room, why don't you? I kept feeling like I should stomp up to the reception desk and demand my dues as a ranking senior member to be snuck into the front of the line. I mean, come on, I'm pretty darn certain that I was their longest serving patient in the waiting room today so you'd think that would get me some special treatment from time to time. If I can't get pregnant it'd be nice to at least pull rank every now and then. OK, so all the staff know my name but that doesn't get me anything, does it?

But anyway, I have no cysts and everything looks good. Except for the little matter of no AF. No flow. No crimson tide. The painters are not in town. So now I wait and see what they tell me to do. I think they'll delay me starting the estrogen patches until things have got moving, which means delaying the FET transfer attempt.

ETA: Yup, delayed. Everything looks good except my lining is too thick because it hasn't started shedding yet. Well, duh. I could have told 'em that. So I will start patches the day after I get full flow. If I get full flow tonight, that means the FET is pushed to Feb. 6th, and if it comes tomorrow I am pushed to Feb. 7th and so on.


bleu said...

Licorice tea, lots of it. It is how I brought on my AF before my first IVF.

Anonymous said...

Hey, S. Sorry I haven't checked in the last few days... just super busy. Just wanted to pop in and wish you good luck on getting AF soon. :)
I'll be checking in every day now, sorry again for the lapse.