Thursday, January 24, 2008

A study in finances

I had the talk with the financial lady from Las Vegas Clinic yesterday. It was all very interesting, and basically I think it would make most financial sense to do a 2-cycle plan with the CGH as part of the study.

Of course, that brings up the whole issue of doing 2 more cycles, when it's hard to think about that. They'd be my 7th and 8th fresh cycles. That's a whole lot of crazy right there.

But I emailed a bunch of questions to Dr. F., and he responded in quite an unsatisfactory way. Essentially, however, he got me worrying about doing CGH at all, because on the protocol he's proposed the average woman gets 2-3 embryos. There doesn't seem to be any point in potentially damaging the embryos with a biopsy, taking them out to blast, freezing them (all of which could just kill off the embryos anyway), waiting for the CGH result and only transferring the normal one(s) when I can just shove 2-3 embryos back in and hope for the best. Hell, at this point, I can shove 5 or 6 back in and not worry about multiples.

So I have emailed yet more questions about the protocol and whether CGH really does seem like a good idea or not. I may end up opting out of the study. Not sure. I should have asked if I can start off in the study and opt out based on number of embryos, but I forgot, even though that was on top of my mental list of things to ask him. Duh. I guess he'll be getting another email, then.


calliope said...

hmm. I didn't know they were only trying to get 2-3 embryos total. That sort of puts a crimp in the master plan...and now clearly why that one thing they offer would be free b/c who would have any frozen after that?

this is certainly enough to take a pause.

Would you be able to opt out of CGH if you didn't get enough embryos?

At least he is e-mailable. Curious to hear what happens next.

j said...

wonder what he has to say now????
good luck!

Amy said...

I don't understand why woman only get 2-3 embryos with that protocol. Doesn't make sense to me at all.

I agree that CGH isn't worth it if you only have 2-3 to chose from. Better to save your money and just transfer them all.