Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not so fluffy

Not so good news from this morning's ultrasound - my lining is at 7.5mm. And she measured it three times just to make sure. This is not terribly thrilling news, as I'm on cycle day 12. Normally by now I'd have a nice, 15mm trilaminar lining but today, yeah, not so much. So I guess the bleeding really has been damaging things. Sigh. I mean, I expected to have problems with this FET in the sense that the embryo may not survive the thaw. I expected that and have been steeling myself for that disappointment all along. But to have problems in this phase, and especially lining issues which I have never had before, has caught me by surprise, I have to say. I suppose there's a first time for everything. I just wish my body wasn't trying to give me the whole smorgasbord of infertility experiences, because I'd like to escape from this nonsense without going through some of the many fun things on offer, thanks.

So now we wait and see what my estrogen level was, and then see if they'll have me racing around the county trying to fill a prescription for something else to add in to the mix, or if I'll be filling up my entire torso with a bazillion estrogen patches. Or worse. I hope not worse. Can you even get cancelled from an FET?


Anonymous said...

Hugs to you, Sarah...

calliope said...

for fucks sake!
Hoping your E2 # comes back at a good number (what would that be, by the way?)
can they just keep you on lupron for a while and plump up the lining with patches??

oy!! So frustrated for you.

serenity said...

For my FETs, I've always had lining issues. We've extended my cycles out AND plumped me up with double, triple the estra.diol... but never cancelled.

If they can get the bleeding to stop, then you shouldn't have to cancel. If they can't - maybe they'll want to just start fresh on a new cycle.

So freaking frustrating. Fingers crossed this cycle can continue. And get better even.