Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Duelling RE's

De ne ner ner ner ner ner ner neow.

That was supposed to be "duelling banjos" there. If you recognized it, I'll be amazed.

Hey! Internets! I have news! So, I got the forms from Immune Issues Clinic to set up a consultation on this study, I filled them in last night and scanned and emailed them off this morning. And the scheduler called back and has set me up a (free) telephone consultation for the 15th with Dr. F.

Right after my consultation with Dr. S. of Big Clinic. He he he.

De ne ner ner ner ner ner ner neow.

Duelling RE's!

Honestly, I would not have investigated this further if Dr. S. had been quicker on the uptake with my post-IVF WTF consultation. Or if it hadn't been rescheduled from the date that it was originally set for. Because then I'd be more mentally set into the idea of doing one more cycle with Big Clinic.

But now I'm kind of enthused by the idea of this study. Of course, I know very few details about it so far but cheap is goood. Testing is good. Different is good. Finally getting some answers on my eggs is good. Getting two RE's opinions on the same day is good. Choices are good.

S'all good.


June Bug Momma said...

Awesome Sarah!!! I agree, a different direction/change can be a good thang for ya! This is definitely a plus! You'll get some answers on your egg quality, which could possible give you some definitive answers to your questions. My fingers are crossed for you! :o)

steinbockfrau said...

This could be very cool!

katedaphne said...

Totally recognized the banjos, from the first "de ne". Not sure what this says about me.

Can't wait to hear what these dudes haev to say. News is good. Change is good. Answers are awesome.

Rachel said...

I knew it was dueling banjos right away.

Glad you have options. Options are good. Hope one of htem does the trick.