Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Me and my drinking buddy

The damn nurse hasn't called back. Don't they think that two panicked phone calls from a patient in quick succession saying "wait, I didn't quite understand the instructions, what do I do?" and "I'm about to run out of lupron so need a new prescription, quick" count for a call back? I guess not. If they don't call by noon today they shall get another message and a large piece of my mind.

The bleeding may be lessening today. I think I might ask if they can see me on Saturday, not Tuesday, given that I'd already planned to go there on Saturday anyway. I just am getting depressed being on lupron this long, not to mention that bleeding depresses me too. Plus, it'd be nice to not have to delay a whole week, what with the potential fresh cycle in March to get organized.

But, just to do another gratuitous photo post, here is me and my drinking buddy from last night. OK, so perhaps only one of us was drinking wine. I just have to say, though, in the interests of vanity, that my nose is not quite as big as it appears here. It's the angle, dahlink.


ETA: I did call the nurse again at 10.30 because I decided not to wait any longer as it was annoying me. And she finally called back at noon. I got an unequivocal "no" on whether I could go in on Saturday and not delay a whole week, even though all of a sudden I am just down to spotting not bleeding. Gee, thanks. Thanks for caring. But at least she's calling in the lupron refill today. Gee, double thanks. However, she wouldn't even say whether they are aiming for a transfer on the 14th or not, because now it's all "well, we'll see how you're doing on Tuesday". So I still hate the world.


bleu said...

SUCH a cute picture!!! I just wish there was an audio file with it so I could hear your accent.

As for the nurse, I would call every 15 minutes until I got through, but that is just pushy me. You are paying a LOT to these people, you deserve timely concise treatment.

calliope said...

you both look wonderful.

& seriously- those people better call you back NOW.


Care said...

Ugh - I'm glad you got the call back, but wish you hadn't gotten a flat out no on your question. Love your drinking buddy - such a beautiful kitty (and a great pic of both of you!) I hope Tuesday's appt brings better news.

calliope said...

hating the world right with you.

June Bug Momma said...

Love your drinking buddy pic! Adorable! You two make a great team!:o)

Sorry you are not able to go in sooner but at least you tried!! I can see why you are still hatin' the orb.

Thinking positive thoughts for you, as always.:o)

Michell said...

So sorry about the delay. That really sucks. Hope it all works out soon.

Casey4 said...

Great pic. I love seeing a picture of kitty after reading about him (her?).