Thursday, January 10, 2008

Look away. Nothing to see here.

God, my life is boring right now.

It is so boring in fact that I had some spotting this morning and thought: "Ooh, spotting! I can blog about that."

How lame is that? No, no, don't answer - that's a rhetorical question. I am well aware of precisely how lame it is. I could instead bore you with my work woes or my immigration woes, but honestly they're so boring to anyone not intimately involved in the situations, that even I would probably fall into a coma while typing.

But anyway, an update on the boring FET for all those who desire it. 3 more days of BCP and then I stop. And then I have an ultrasound a week from today to see if everything is acting appropriately, and assuming I've had a real bleed by then, I will start estrogen patches to cushy everything up.

I have turned into a little bit of a Crabby McCrabbypants from the combined and delightful influences of lupron and BCP. But not horrendously so. I think this is more akin to my normal worst day of PMS rather than me turning into psycho bitch from hell, that delightful lady that has appeared on cycles past. Of course, I still have up to a week to go before I get relief, so I could still turn into psycho bitch from hell at any moment. But you should be fairly safe as long as you're not an idiot, or my neighbor with the yappy dogs, or a really slow driver that is blocking my way. Really, if you're none of those people, I shall probably be perfectly pleasant.


steinbockfrau said...

it amuses me when you are crabby. I hope you don't smack me for that...

3 more days of BCP is something to celebrate.


June Bug Momma said...


Fingers crossed!!!

suzzcq70 said...

Hi Sarah . . . can't remember how I found your blog, but I am here! Just wanted to support you in your quest! I applaud you on your perserverance . . . I gave up after 4 IUI's and adopted our first son at birth. Then I got better insurance and tried 2 IVF's that never made it to transfer due to crappy embryos. We then did one donor embie cycle with 2 great blasts that was BFN, and our last donor embie cycle brought us our 4 month old! Just wanted to let you know of success through other options. heck out my blog if you'd like!