Friday, January 25, 2008


Last night's email from the RE reassured me on the protocol. He didn't say this, but it seems that most women get only 2-3 embryos because the women that get put on this protocol are essentially candidates for donor eggs. I think this is the protocol of last resort. Or one of them, at least. So most women going on it are poor responders to start with. He said it won't reduce the number of follicles, but will help the cohort to grow more evenly - which is exactly what I need. So if it's a cycle where I was going to get 14 eggs, I'd still get 14 eggs (hopefully). But hopefully more of them will be mature than on other cycles - which would be huge for me. I mean, it's kind of disappointing to have only 50% of the retrieved eggs being mature. I dream of having like 12 mature out of 14.

He also said that sometimes it is worth doing CGH with only 2 or 3 embryos, especially in a woman with a lot of IVF failures or miscarriages. It can be worth finding out the answers as to what is really going on. And they are finding that the CGH normal embryos DO survive the thaw. The theory is, if it's normal, it'll make it to blast and through freezing. If it doesn't make it, it wasn't normal to start with.

So, I think I may sign up for the study. I mean, it is cheaper for me to do the study than not do the study if I end up doing 2 cycles (and let's face it, that's more likely than not). So I just have to take the risk of transferring nothing and essentially being no worse off than transferring abnormal embryos and getting a BFN, but having answers as to exactly how chromosomally crap my embryos are. It's a bit of a mental leap, but there's something that makes me think I shouldn't pass up the chance to get this testing done for free.

ETA: No, wait, I changed my mind again. I'd rather put back all embryos than risk having nothing to transfer or damaging them. Argh. Why do I keep spinning around on this? Damn it, this FET better work because this is too hard to figure out.

ETA again: After the edit above, I shot an email off to Dr. F. asking whether I could back out of the study based on embryo numbers, and he just replied and said I could.  So we could agree that I would transfer all back if I have say 4 or fewer embryos, and do the CGH if I have 5 or more.  That makes me feel better and less worried about the whole thing, but I must admit I am having panicky feelings all of a sudden.  I mean, it's Las Vegas Clinic!  The reasons I hated them in the past are all still there.  The thought of deciding to do this is stressing me out.   Maybe I am not yet over my love affair with New York Clinic, although frankly doing the same exact protocol again is underwhelming to say the least.


Amy said...

If the CGH is free I'd go for it. If the embryos are abnormal they wouldn't have made a baby to begin with so doing CGH shouldn't lessen your chance and besides it would probably be nice to get answers.

calliope said...

ok. I so get the number of embryos issue now. I thought they would only let you have 2-3 embryos. Ok. phew.

I am going to say something really annoying, but you know I say it out of love: a few days ago you wrote about how much calm this type of cycle brought you. This CGH study. If it was me- I would listen to that.

I know- you want to smack me.

K said...

I was going to point out that using the freezing process they use, the chromosomally healthy ones should survive the freezing process. But I guess you've gotten that from other ppl.

Perhaps its too close to me, but I thought I'd put it out there. My DP just lost a pregnancy at 8 weeks that was chromosomally abnormal. We know this baby couldn't have survived, but when she gets pregnant again (I have to say when, not if), I would be so grateful to know it was chromosomally normal and not have to worry about losing it like this. It also frees you from having to make the agonizing amniocintesis (sp?) decision we women with experienced ovaries have to face.

If we were able to, we'd totally go for it. I don't think you have anything to lose.

jp said...

I am also cycling at the New York clinic, and am geographically mostly convenient (more so than you, for sure). I was wondering, since you wrote that you are not quite over your love affair with NY clinic, if you broached the Las Vegas protocol with Dr. S in NY?
That way, if he did the Las Vegas protocol with you, you'd still have the benefit of NY embryology lab- (I am assuming that's part of the reason you are still liking NY at this point). I like the idea of the Las Vegas protocol, a lot.

Anonymous said...

Do you have to do CGH on all the embryos retrieved? If you get 6, could you do it on three?
Just a thought. I know how agonizing it all is to be second-guessing everything all the time. I still think the LV clinic is the way to go, although I know NY is really, really good too.
Ugh. So frustrating...
Just get pregnant with the FET, would ya? Then we won't even have to have this discussion.