Monday, January 07, 2008

Response from immune issues clinic

Just when I had given up on hearing from the Immune Issues clinic on my information request about that IVF study I mentioned, I got the following email today:

You may actually be a better candidate for our CGH study, which is just getting started.

I can review all of this when we speak to review your case together.

I’ll have #### set up atime.



Amy said...

That would be great!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm, interesting.
Very much looking forward to hearing what they have to say.

mama said...

GREAT, now you have me obsessively researching CGH studies. This is just what my OCD needs. lol

It is hard because each new technique brings new hope which is such a double-edged sword.

I wish you much luck and peace.

K said...

Oooh! Do the CGH if you can! Our new RE does it, and it looks really promising. Good luck!