Monday, January 21, 2008

Vegas, baby!

Thanks for all your thoughts and views.  They really helped.

I was really struggling with this.  I mean, I have never been a fan of LV Clinic.  I have said bad things about them.  I never ever seriously considered going there.  Ever.  Ever ever ever.

But, I have to say first of all, that it's wonderful that there are choices for me at all.  That after all my failures, there are clinics out there who are willing to work with me and whose RE's aren't just hooting in derision when I talk about cycling again.  I mean, sure, all of them mentioned DE as an option, but just as an option and didn't say another word when I said I hadn't quite decided yet but thought I might want to do another cycle with my own eggs first.

So, once again, this decision came down to WWTCCLR?  Not what would Jesus do, but what would the crazy cat lady regret?  See, oftentimes I project myself into the future, and imagine myself at 80 - childless, still single, miserable and the crazy cat lady of the neighborhood.  I imagine myself sitting there and regretting the decisions in my life which led me to becoming the crazy cat lady.

And it came to me, as a sort of peaceful KNOWING.  I would always regret not trying a different stim protocol, whereas I would not regret not doing another cycle at NY Clinic because I have already given them two shots.  So there's my answer - Vegas, baby!

I found out more information about the stim protocol and it seems to be indicated for women who are worse off than me, in terms of FSH or embryo quality or age, and then I thought, hey, wait a minute, I think failing 6 fresh IVF cycles qualifies me as pretty badly off.  So if this is their protocol of last resort, so be it.  Bring it on.  I don't know yet if I'm going to sign up for the study or not, or if I'm going to sign up for their two cycle plan or not.  That'll depend on the financials.  And I'm going to ask if I can make the CGH decision during the cycle, based on the number of embryos I have - for example, do it if I have 6 or more embryos, don't do it if I have 5 or less.  

All this is of course only if the FET fails.  I'm not writing it off.  But I've got to have a backup plan in place to stop me from falling apart if the embryo doesn't survive the thaw.  So there we are.  I'm going to Vegas! Maybe.


calliope said...

wooooo hoooooo! So glad you have a wonderful back up plan in place.

Not that you will need it at all- but you know I love me some plans.


serenity said...

YAY. I was just clicking over to tell you that I thought you should go with Vegas clinic because it sounded like a tailored protocol for YOU. Not a last resort.

I think it's worth a shot, really.

And I love that you have a backup plan.

Also - can I tell you how much I LOVE your strategy of WWTCCLR? It's perfect!

Gabby said...

Yay Sarah. I think this is a really good choice. I know a lot of people who have worked with Dr. F and really like him. BTW, he really is not a fan of immune treatments. I think he's probably the only doc related to this clinic who isn't into them. He'll only use them as a very last resort. IVFC has pretty good LV cycling groups that pop up and it's fun b/c you cycle with everyone at the same time so you'll have a group of women to hang with if you want to. Plus, LV is a pretty fun place. You'll also get the most detailed and organized calendar you've ever gotten of any clinic (I haven't cycled there but had a coupe of friends cycle at their various clinics). Good luck!

Cindy said...

Sounds like a great plan! :)

Amy said...

I'm so glad you are going to give their protocol a shot!

Stephanie said...


Now, do we all get to vote on the LV baby's name, too??