Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Waiting, waiting.

I'm just hanging out. Waiting for my ultrasound tomorrow. Waiting for the old hag to put in an appearance so my FET transfer won't be delayed. Waiting for my rescheduled consultation with the other RE.

The old hag has been on the verge of appearing for the last two days, but alas seems to be only teasing by sending cramps and odd feelings, rather than actually getting a move on and doing something useful. Whatever.

But I did speak to Dr. S's nurse, and got the scrip sent over for the bloodwork they'd like to do. I'm pretty certain I've done some of it before, but I just can't be arsed to go and check back to see what I did and didn't do so I'm just going to have them all run. Besides, that was what? Two years ago? 18 months ago? Who knows if some of these things change over time. Oh, not the genetic tests, obviously, but those are the ones that I think were never done before.

We shall be testing PT/PTT, Anticardiolipin Antibody, Homocysteine, Factor V Leiden, Protein S Functional, PAI-1 Ag Activity, Lupus Anticoagulant, Antithrombin III, Prothrombin Gene Mutation, Protein C Functional and the good old MTHFR Gene Mutation. I made an appointment at the local giant blood lab place for Friday morning, in the hopes that I can get it all done in one shot and won't have to go to some specialist place. And no, the appointment is not at the other (evil) giant blood lab place that gave me the false Hep C result - I am boycotting them. And thank goodness that I have new insurance, meaning that I am no longer forced to only use evil blood lab, because that place is just too damn depressing.

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June Bug Momma said...

Good Luck Sarah!! Happy to hear you have new insurance!! I'll be away for a week @ Punta Cana and I will anticipate reading how wonderfully everything is going with you when I return! BEST WISHES!! *hopeful hugs*