Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tylenol to the rescue

Tylenol came to the rescue of my poor head yesterday. I'd toughed it out all day, trying not to add any more pharmaceuticals to my system, but ended up going home early from work because I was so miserable, and as I was lying there in a darkened room, thinking about wasting the entire evening, I thought "this is stupid" and gave in to the siren call of pain relievers. So I had a couple of extra strength tylenol, not expecting them to actually work on a headache of that magnitude, but they did. Who knew? I always thought with nasty headaches that you had to take more and nastier drugs.

It was such a pleasure not to have to take a BCP as I went to bed!! Yay!!! I'll have 5 days now with just lupron - it's almost a drug holiday. Just one teensy tiny injection a day is practically nothing. As long as I don't get any more killer headaches, of course.

Still reeling a bit from the whole car thing, but I got another roofing quote today that was $6000 less than the one I was going to accept, so I might just go with the cheap one and hope that they are not a fly-by-night company who are out to rip me off. I keep thinking I should explain why on earth I am re-roofing my house while I'm doing an IVF as probably everyone else thinks I'm mad to even consider it. But it's all part of the possible moving back to England plan, if this IVF doesn't work. There's no way I can sell my house without reroofing it, because, um, it needs a new roof. I figure I'd have to knock $30,000 off the asking price because of it, and houses aren't exactly selling fast around here at the moment, so it may just languish on the market for a long time. By spending $10,000 on a new roof I'll be in a position of being able to sell it quicker, and at a better price (yes, we're down to $10,000, which is less than an IVF cycle! Woot!). And if the IVF works, it'll be one thing that I don't have to worry about when pregnant, because I really need to get the new roof on before the next hurricane season. I cannot imagine the stress of sitting out a storm with a damaged crappy roof. Well, actually I probably wouldn't be able to sit out a storm - I'd have to evacuate because it wouldn't be safe. And, if I don't do this now, I don't feel like I'll be able to properly plan for any possible next cycle, or adoption or my child free life. Not to mention that I won't have the money because I'll have spent it on the next crackpot infertile scheme. I mean, I guess I could wait for the next hurricane to rip the roof apart, and then claim on insurance, but that's assuming that the insurance company doesn't drop me, which they are threatening to do. And assuming that it'll be cheaper to do it that way, which I don't think it would be as the deductible is pretty huge and I'd presumably have to replace a lot of my possessions which could get damaged if the roof fails. I waited out this season, hoping for insurance to cover the roof and we were lucky enough to have no storms. I don't think it'll last another year without me doing something. So that's that. That's why I'm crazy enough to be considering having the roof ripped off my house in the middle of an IVF cycle. Hey, at least it's something of a distraction.

By the way, I just want to give a shout out to Stephanie, my lovely internet buddy who has agreed to cover a whole bunch of days for egg retrieval driving duty! It's a big weight off my mind, and I can ask my aunt to cover the days that Stephanie can't do, as it'll be easier for her to rearrange her patients for just a couple of days than for a whole week. Thank goodness for internets! Mwha! Big smoochies for Stephanie!

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Stephanie said...

Big smoochies right back to ya! Sounds like you need them with all the car and roof nonsense. ♥