Saturday, November 04, 2006

Smoothie time

One more day until Lupron! Will I avoid the headaches and hot flashes? Will I turn into crazy pseudo-menopausal woman? Stay tuned to find out in our next thrilling installments of "As The Sarah Turns...Hormonal."

I had a bit of inspiration as I was lying on the acupuncture table this morning, which is that I'm going to start making myself an IVF smoothie every morning from now on. My breakfast routine has developed into this crazy succession of drinks - the whey protein, the greens+ drink, the chinese herbs, then I swallow the vitamins on top. It's hard to fit any actual food in there, although sometimes I have a boiled egg. And I was thinking that I'd better add yogurt or kefir as soon as I start the doxycycline because otherwise the old good/bad bacteria balance might get "off". I have stopped the chinese herbs as of today, though. My RE had said he didn't mind me taking them while I was on BCP, but we never discussed lupron, and I don't particularly want to call him to ask so I think it's safest just to stop.

So, I figure, what if I mix everything together and do a whey protein/greens+/kefir/juice such as Bolthouse Farms C boost or berry smoothie/fresh berries IVF smoothie? I have vanilla whey protein, and the greens+ is the wild berry burst flavor, so even though it is green in color it doesn't taste too bad. A handful of raspberries and blueberries has got to be good mixed in, right? It wouldn't be too bad dairy-wise, because the kefir is a lot easier to digest than regular milk, so hopefully it won't freak the acu out, and has the good probiotics. I'll get lots of protein from the whey and kefir, and the kefir will give it enough bulk that I won't need food as well. The berries and juice will give me a nice antioxidant burst. And it might even taste good. Or it could just be sludgy green gunk that I can't even force down my gullet. But I'm a desperate infertile, so I'll try anything at this point.

I'm off shopping now to get the ingredients now, so we'll see what I can find.

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margieinaz said...

Mmmmm... A berry IVF smoothie sounds delicious. Just what the doctor ordered.