Monday, November 13, 2006

My car is officially fucked

Just got the call. Man, it's turning into a super good day over here. The car needs $7700 worth of work on it, but luckily the main battery failing, which is the thing that caused it to die and which takes up $6000 of that cost, is covered under the warranty. And because of the warranty, the loaner car will be free for however long it takes to fix - which could be up to a week. Or more. So, it'll be about $1700 to me to get it into properly drivable condition. Double ow!


margieinaz said...

Ugh, so sorry about your car. Thank God the $6,000 is covered. $1,700 is still a lot, but much more budgetable.
Sorry about your headaches too, I know they're not fun.
Take care of yourself, not too much longer to go before you start stims.
I'm sending you all the positive thoughts I have that this cycle is the one for you.

Calliope said...

that sucks. thank goodness for the free loaner car. Is it the same make?

thetowncriers said...

That sucks--I'm so sorry.

I hope your head is feeling better.