Saturday, July 08, 2006

Loud Pipe-Music Will Be Strictly Enforced

I was driving to my acupuncture appointment this morning (a Saturday appointment! How rare and wonderful!), and I was tootling down the main street in Delray Beach in heavy traffic when I saw one of those mobile flashing road signs. I swear it said:


And then I drove past and couldn't see any more. I swear that's what it said. I'm not making it up. Now, I fully believe that I could easily have misinterpreted it. I hope that it didn't really say "loud pipe-music". And I sincerely hope that the third part of the message enabled the whole thing to make sense. Not that I can figure out what any sensible third part of the message could be. And c'mon, I know Delray Beach prides itself on being a kooky kind of place, but can it really be that kooky? Maybe one of the sign operators was having a little joke, but now it is going around my head like an annoying ad jingle, because my stupid little brain keeps trying to make sense of it. If only there hadn't been a truck in front of me and I could have seen it as I drove along, I could have figured out the whole message. In fact, I'm kind of tempted to drive back there, just to see the sign again but I probably won't because I am after all a lazy arse.

The acu appointment was fabulous though, and they told me that they actually go to my IVF clinic to do the acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer, which is wonderful news. My old acu made you drive to his office before and after the transfer, and as I had to rely on the kindness of a friend to drive me, I got pretty stressed at wasting their time so only opted to do one session. But now I can do the proper acupuncture sessions at the proper time! Of course, it'll probably cost me an arm and a leg, but after the cost of the IVF itself it all pales into insignificance.

So, things are looking up. I'm off to Barnes & Noble for a Chai tea and to browse through the books to see if they have anything on pipe music.

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Calliope said...

ha ha! Guess those Scots are having fun.

that is great news about the acu going to the clinic! wow!