Monday, July 10, 2006

The day gets worse!

I was refused cake! There was yummy cake in the office, and I was not allowed to have any! How can they do this to me? My day is going from bad to worse!

They get cake every month at work as a bribe for us to turn in our billing proformas all signed to approve the proposed charges as being accurate so that our accounts department can send the bills out to the clients. I always thought it was kind of a stupid idea, but hey, it's free cake! And you know, it did kind of work as people would make an effort to go through their proformas quickly rather than let them sit there for several weeks. But there's a new regime in town as we have a new office administrator, who seems to have appointed herself as keeper of the cake. Now it seems that you can only get cake if you actually hand over completed proformas. A stack of paper = one slice. But, see, only the bosses can sign the darn things, so really it's only bosses and their secretaries who now can possibly qualify for cake because they're the only ones handing over the documents. The rest of us, who may have to go through the proformas to approve our own work entries before we hand them to the bosses to sign are now excluded from participating in billing day cake. Even though we have to interrupt our other work to get it done. I tried to explain the mechanisms of getting your hands on the precious signed proformas to the office administrator, and that I don't have any, but she flat out refused to let me have even a crumb of cake. So that's it. No more free cake for us. Unless we ambush the secretary/boss as she/he's about to deliver the signed proformas I guess, and demand that they hand over half the stack for us to hand in as a fake free cake maneuver. Hell, my boss is a skinny arsed guy who has no interest in cake anyway, and our team secretary is equally skinny and always refuses cake because she's watching her figure, so maybe I could just volunteer to deliver the proformas to get me some baked goods. But I refuse to stoop to that level. Even though the chocolate cake did look particularly gooey and moist. OK, I did think about it, but my boss still isn't finished signing the proformas yet and probably most of the cake is gone now anyway.

Mark my words, this is the beginning of the cake rebellion. You don't interfere with the worker bees' ability to get their free cake. I have heard many people muttering that this just proves that the new office administrator is a bitch. Ha, it's the beginning of the end for her. This'll be office politics gone crazy.

But I'm now hungry with all this talk of cake, and the vending machine hasn't been filled with anything decent for weeks. Ugh.

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Kate said...

That is just CRAP. What a bitch.