Saturday, July 22, 2006

And we're off!

Cycle day 2 today, so I went for my ultrasound. I managed to get to the clinic by 8, and was surprised that it wasn't very busy. However, by 8.30 it was standing room only (and they have a BIG waiting room, so that's a lot of people), so I need to remember to always try to get up early on days I need to go to the main clinic. I met an internet buddy there, so we were able to chat while I was waiting to be called, which definitely helped pass the time. Had my blood drawn, and then was taken straight into the u/s room, which is also unusual, because there's often a looong wait between the two.

But the scan was a little embarrassing. My endometrium looked good, but when she went over to look at my right ovary, she couldn't find it. Hmmm, says I, that's weird, it's usually the left one that hides. So she went over to the left ovary...and couldn't find it. Then back to the right. She started pressing down on my abdomen. Still nothing. I said again how weird it was, and she said "well, your bowel is VERY full". Ooops! I somewhat sheepishly admitted that I hadn't needed to go this morning. And then thought of volunteering to go and have a quick session in the loo, but the u/s room has it's own bathroom right there and I wasn't even sure if I could poop knowing the u/s technician was there waiting for me especially as I still didn't really need to go so there'd presumably be some, ahh, pushing involved. I was trying to figure out a way of volunteering to go, provided that I could use a different bathroom for a bit of privacy, when she decided she'd found my ovary. I looked at the screen, and I can't say it looked anything like an ovary to me. And I've seen my ovaries on the ultrasound screen pretty often, so I like to think I would recognize them. Now I'm a bit worried that my file contains pictures of my full bowels, which are just labeled as left and right ovary. I can imagine the RE saying, hmmm, this ovary looks surprisingly like pieces of penne pasta. The technician said there was no cysts (well, there wouldn't be if she was looking at poop, would there?), and pronounced me good to go.

I met the IVF nurse, who diluted my lupron, and went over the meds schedule with me. Three times. Which I know off by heart anyway, because, hello? I've done this before. But she was very nice about it all so I didn't mind too much. Apart from when she made me repeat the schedule back to her. Once I had the diluted lupron in hand, I shot up while she was talking to me, and we were done. It made me laugh a little that that very first injection was so damn hard, and now a nurse hands me a syringe and I've got my pants undone, the syringe filled, and I've stuck it in myself before she finishes a sentence! I'll get my estrogen level later today, and am to go back on Wednesday for the next ultrasound.

Woo-hoo! Finally moving along!


Calliope said...

still giggling over your penne bowles!! hee hee.

hurrah for shooting up!!

LisaMarie said...

You made me giggle!! I've always wondered if they could see!

katty said...

I once perkily asked the ultraound man...gosh, what are those...small... round things...?
And he paused, and said: your bowels.
Good Luck with this cycle. Glad you are on your way.