Sunday, July 23, 2006

Stimmy stim stim

Did my first stims shot of this cycle this morning. It was all pretty easy and standard. I keep wondering if I'm forgetting something because I'm not really paying all that much attention to the shots, but what's to forget? Do the lupron, mix the two follistim and the repronex, shoot up, have breakfast, take the doxycycline. I love the concept behind taking the doxycycline, by the way. I googled it last cycle, and found that they give it prophylactically as a treatment for chlamydia, because there were some studies that show an improved success rate when it is used. But this is my third cycle taking it now. Surely if I had chlamydia it would be long gone if the doxy does what it's supposed to do, so I don't really get why I have to keep taking it each cycle. You'd think by now the doctor would fess up and say that the doxy isn't doing all that much for me by now. Oh well, I guess there may be some other bugs it is fighting so maybe it's doing some good. Apart from destroying my intestinal flora, of course, for which I am drinking lots of kefir in order to get some probiotics. Actually, this morning, I had some kefir with the doxy, which was probably pointless, as the doxy probably destroyed all the good bacteria on contact.

Tried to listen to an IVF meditation this morning after breakfast, and promptly fell asleep for 2.5 hours, so there went my plans to spend the day in the office catching up. After one nap, my Sundays can degenerate pretty quickly into a laze-fest. In fact, I'm heading back to bed for another nap shortly. I think I could be a serious contender if there were a nap olympics! It's definitely something I'm pretty good at. But I guess this time I'll have to set an alarm so that I don't sleep through the 6.30 pm shot time.


margieinaz said...

Good luck, Sarah!!!!!

namaste said...

I guess we're cycle buddies - I'm on day 2 of the lovely shot series. Oh how I envy your day of naps. Sounds divine! Trying to imagine the intense training that may be required for the nap olympics... the equipment (high thread count sheets, etc.)... sounds like something I may need to investigate further. :)