Monday, July 31, 2006

Order for 5 eggs, scrambled, coming right up!

They got 5 eggs. I'm a bit bummed because with 10 total follicles I was expecting 8-10 eggs, and then the phone call tomorrow to say 5 of them were mature and 4 fertilized. Or something like that. Now with 5 total, I'm worried that they might not have got all the mature ones, and I might be left with not very many embryos at all. But I shouldn't grumble too much, especially as on Wednesday I was convinced they were going to cancel the cycle.

I am pretty uncomfortable, and haven't been doing so well on the napping so far, but hopefully that will pass soon. I've also got this strange desire for Ramen noodles, so I might limp along to Winn Dixie shortly to get some so I can give in to temptation. But then again, seeing as I'm not supposed to drive and it's hot out there, maybe I won't. Oh the exotic life I lead. Will I or won't I shuffle down the street in search of sodium-laden convenience foods?

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