Monday, July 10, 2006

Grumble grumble grumble

Not in a sunny mood this Monday morning, which is worrying me that psycho bitch from hell might be back. Even though I only have a week to go on the BCPs, I still don't want to be miserable for that length of time!

I also have a lovely crop of acne along my jaw line this morning. Nice. I love me some hormones.

I can also feel the old jealousy rear its ugly head. My coworker K. is now full term (37+ weeks) and there's been a parade of giggly excited women going into her office all morning, talking about babies and C-sections and all sorts of other things. I should be happy for her, and yet there's that old green eyed monster saying "it should be me, I should have been first!"

But, it will be me soon, won't it? And I'll have twins, so they'll make even more of a fuss over me, and K. will be wistfully saying "oh, I can't wait to have another one, I'm so jealous of you." Or something like that. ;) See, I'm still trying with the positive thinking!

Have I mentioned that I hate Toyota, by the way? I have a Prius, and was supposed to get some battery work done as part of a recall. But I procrastinated for a year (or maybe more - I'm pretty good at procrastinating). I figured I'd just take it in when it needed the 60,000 mile service and they could do everything at once. And besides, I have needed the car for all the darn RE appointments! So I called a few weeks ago to make an appointment, and specifically stated the name and code number of the battery recall. Oh, that's an old one, but no problem says the scheduling lady. I got to the dealership, and not only do you need to take the car in the night before to have the battery work done, they didn't even have the parts in stock. They said they'd have to order them, and it would be Monday (today) before they'd be in. I told them it would have been nice to have been told this at the time I booked the appointment, but they just made excuses about the scheduling lady not knowing these things. Riiiight. So I had the service done, for $300+, and they didn't even vacuum the car or clean the windows like Jiffy Lube does, so I was a bit miffed. Then I got a phone call from Toyota following up. "Did you have excellent customer service?" the lady wanted to know. "NO," says I, "it most definitely was not what I'd call excellent." "Was it satisfactory, then?". Pause. "Ma'am? Was it satisfactory?" "Hmmmph," says I, "barely satisfactory, I guess. In that they did manage to complete the service, but.... " "OK, great then!" the woman cuts in. And then I remembered them asking me the exact same thing the last time I took the car to the dealership (for the 30,000 mile service), which again I thought was not anywhere near the level of service I get from Jiffy Lube. And they sent me a follow up post card saying "we are glad you had excellent service at XXX Toyota Dealership". So, today I'm expecting a nice post card congratulating me for having had excellent service, and no doubt no phone call about when I can take the car back in for the battery work. I hate Toyota. Don't get me wrong, I like the car, just not the people!

And finally in this morning's grumbles, the cat and I are battling over a pooping on the floor issue. I don't know how many times I have to scrub the darn kitty litter box with bleach, or the floor in front of the kitty litter where she likes to poop, in order to try to remove whatever smell she's finding objectionable or attractive. I guess I'll have to get something that gets cat smells out, but out of laminate flooring? I don't know if they make anything like that. And I'll probably have to buy a new litter box because I've just run out of other ideas. Oh well. I got so irritated that I shouted at her and smacked her across the nose at 5.30 this morning when she did it again (she scrapes her paw repeatedly across the laminate to cover the poop up with nothing, which now wakes me up as I've learned what that particular sound means), and she spent breakfast time sulking under the coffee table. Damn right she should sulk. Pooping on the floor is not allowed!

OK, can I go back to bed now so I can get out the other side, please?

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