Saturday, July 29, 2006

It's trigger time!

Dragged myself out of bed early this morning again. These early starts and the drugs are really wiping me out now. I went to bed at 8pm last night and am just exhausted. So, anyway, off I went to the clinic, and it was slightly better news than yesterday. All my doom and gloom of a few days ago was a bit misplaced, and although it's not stellar news, I'll take it. I had 3 mature follicles (over 20mm), 1 at 18mm and 2 medium sized guys at about 15mm. Then four smaller ones at 12-13mm. Yes, that makes 10 total, whereas previously I had 9 total. One more popped up today on the right ovary. I'd never quite figured out how follicles could suddenly appear during a cycle, but there it was, clear as day, when before there'd definitely been only 3 in all on the right. But as it's one of the smaller guys, it probably is a little late to join the petri dish party. Maybe though there'll be 4-6 mature eggs if I'm lucky, depending on how the medium sized guys do, which is a whole lot better than cancellation. A whole lot better.

I'm doing the HcG trigger shot tonight, and egg retrieval is set for 9.30am on Monday. And my friend who is driving me arrives home from vacation in South Africa approximately 12 hours prior to that. I haven't arranged a back up driver at this point, and am just going to trust that she'll make it home and her flight won't be cancelled. Well, you know, it'll be cycle day 11. I didn't think I'd be going that early, so thought it would be fine that she was on vacay. I did have a kind offer of a drive for Sunday morning if it was going to happen on Sunday, but I know that person can't make it on Monday. So I have to trust that I'll have a driver! If not, I'll be having a major panic on Sunday night. No doubt, more on that will follow.

OK, back to bed for nap #2 today. Did I say I was wiped?

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