Friday, July 14, 2006

See you later, gators

Going to Washington DC for a conference, and will be back on Wednesday. The next time you see me, blogosphere, I will be a new woman, because I will be OFF the BCPs! Hallelujah. And I will be counting down to my IVF, which I'm finally getting excited about. I just can't wait to get started - this time period on the BCPs has been sooo long. But it WILL work this time, damn it! I can blog about follicle sizes and injections and all sorts of other fun stuff, instead of having to bore you with my random observations about trucking companies.

I promise to try to limit my alcohol consumption while I'm away, but I can't guarantee that I will be successful. Which is a shame, as I've been completely off the booze and coffee for a while (hey, for me, a week or two qualifies as a "while", so stop laughing) and haven't missed it at all lately. But I bought a small bottle of my lovely Bolthouse Green Goodness to take with me, so that I can keep up with my vow to have 8oz a day of the stuff. See, I'm trying to be good!

In other news, and in proof that miracles really do happen and you should always test even if you think you've got your period, check out CJ's blog. I'm hoping for a very sticky bean for you, CJ!


Calliope said...

man, I miss you so much already!
& can I just say that I am now sooo in love with Green Goodness?

save travels!

Care said...

Hope your conference goes well!