Friday, July 21, 2006

Oh. My. God. What an awful night

I can't even begin to say how I am functioning today. I had a terrible night last night, and am running on empty.

I guess it started last week, when my city decided to flush extra chlorine through the drinking water to kill bugs. As I don't particularly like drinking swimming pool water, I started slacking off on my drinking. And yes, I do have a filter, but even that wasn't cutting it. So I think I started getting dehydrated by the end of last week. Then I went out of town to Alexandria, where it was super hot and I was wandering around like a tourist, sweating and with my feet swelling. Not a pretty picture. I tried drinking liquids at every available opportunity, and believe me, I downed plenty of cold water and iced chais, but I could tell I was getting run down and dehydrated. I figured I'd catch back up when I got home to the land of decent air conditioning, but I also figured that most of my tiredness was due to the fact that I'm not as fit and healthy as I used to be, so maybe the extra walking was too much.

But here's the thing, my brain plays tricks on me. Once I start getting dehydrated, I don't drink enough. For some reason, I was drinking less than normal once I got back home. I was busy, trying to catch up from two days out of the office - I didn't have time to run backwards and forwards to the kitchen. So that brings me to yesterday afternoon. I noticed a headache threatening to invade my brain. I recognized it as a dehydration headache (I am prone to them for some reason) but then the big boss called me into his office just before I was supposed to leave for acupuncture and I didn't have time to chug any water. Then I was late for acupuncture, and had to fly, so again, didn't have time to drink. I was really beginning to feel it as I was driving to my appointment, but didn't have any water in the car. I chugged as much water as I could when I got to the acu, but it didn't really make a dent. Then I had my treatment, which included being on a Migun thermal massage bed. Yup, that's right. Treatment such as acupuncture realeases toxins. You're supposed to stay hydrated so you can flush the toxins out of your bloodstream. Mine were just about to explode into a brackish swamp of nasty poisons.

I got home, chugged some water, and had dinner. Then I was bloated and nauseous from the food, I guess because of the dehydration thing. So I couldn't bring myself to drink much more water because it just made me feel worse. I tried to have some before going to bed, but by then my head was splitting, my stomach was complaining and I just felt like shit. My mouth started feeling really dry. I figured I should take some Tylenol, but when I went to the medicine cabinet, there wasn't any straight Tylenol in the house. I had some Tylenol PM in there, but I figured that was overkill. I should have taken the Tylenol PM.

I woke up a couple of times early in the night with someone drilling into my head with a power tool, padded to the kitchen, got a glass of water, and went back to sleep. But at about 2am I woke up to an excruciating headache. I couldn't bear it any longer, so I hit the only headache medicine I had in the house - Excedrin Migraine. Which has caffeine in it. Oh well, I figured, I wouldn't get back to sleep with that pain anyway, so I just started drinking as much water as I could possibly manage. I got up to 6 14oz glasses before the pain started to ease. But by then, what with the pee trips to the bathroom, and the refill trips to the kitchen, and the caffeine, I was wide awake. I thought about going for a walk, but in the end decided to do some reading. And drink some more water. I think I finally fell asleep again at about 4.30. I drank 140 oz of water overnight.

I woke up this morning, still with a very dry mouth, still with a headache, though just a dull ache, and with bleary eyes. Not fun. I feel like I've been on an enormous bender, and yet haven't touched a drop of alcohol. I've been drinking more water since I got up, but it still hasn't made much of a difference. Why oh why did I let it get to this state? When I should be being careful of my health because I need my eggs to be good? Sometimes my stupidity amazes me - I know I am prone to bad headaches when I'm dehydrated, I know the signs, and I ignore them. Idiot. Idiot. Idiot.

But, today is cycle day 1. Finally! That last cycle was 48 days, and I certainly felt every one of them. I will be going for my baseline ultrasound tomorrow morning, and will also start lupron tomorrow. Which gives me headaches. Oh joy! But at least we're off and running...


namaste said...

So sorry to hear about the terrible night. But at least the last cycle is over and the next is beginning. Here's to new beginnings! xo

Calliope said...

dehydration is a bitch.
Are you still doing green goodness?

& HURRAH HURAAH for cd1!!!!!
woo hoooo!!