Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Fashion challenged

I have a confession to make. I find going to NY highly intimidating. Fashion-wise, that is. I imagine the streets to be full of Carrie Bradshaws wearing their Jimmy Choos and their Manolos, and being all immaculate and wonderful.

I am not immaculate and wonderful. I especially won't be in hot and humid July/August, during an IVF cycle where I can be expected to bloat up horribly. And that's after I already feel fat because of the weight I've gained so far in TTC. And I have to go to work in my employer's NY office. And I'll have a bruised arm/back of hand from the blood draws and probably from the IV for egg retrieval but it'll be hot so I'll want to wear short sleeves and will be self-concious. Of course I also imagine the office to be populated with swank NY professional types, who will be dressed to the nines every day in sharp suits.

So I already bought a new tote bag, following on from the trend (which I hope is still going on) for women to have giant handbags. I figured a giant bag would be perfect for schlepping drugs, water bottles, needles and other paraphenalia around. And maybe a paperback or two for the waiting room at Big Clinic. And then yesterday I went shopping for some new t-shirts and possibly a work top or two that I can wear to pretend that I am somewhat fashionable. I'm just going to say that I thank God for the current blousy styles that are practically maternity-like in shape. Not that I want to be reminded that I'm not in maternity clothing for real, but it's nice to have plenty of give room for the swollen belly. I tried on a few tight T's as well, and they looked just awful so I am giving those a miss.

I guess the suitcase is slowly getting packed, mentally at least. I am figuring out what I want to take with me and slowly figuring out some of the logistics. I'm still fucking scared, though, but what was that supposed new motto? Oh yeah, que sera sera...


Knock Me Up said...

I live in NYC and I am so TOTALLY NOT hip or fashionable. AND, I work in a hip, artsy place -- talk about out of place. The great thing about NY is that people dress ALL kinds of ways and no one even seems to notice. Try not to sweat it, although it is true you will be sweating here as it is soooo hot and humid right now it is disgusting. Good luck, you'll be fine.

bri said...

It is too hot for stylish. Even Wes has been going to work in flip-flops.

Let me know if you need anything while you are here.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you! I lived in NY for a year and you don't have to worry about what you wear. That place is such a cultural hub that there are all kinds of different people there dressed all kinds of ways. You will be just fine I am sure.

New York at this time of year is really fun. There are all kinds of outdoor concerts, plays, markets and people just out and about. New Yorkers love to be out in the warm weather. I lived there alone and would just walk about for hours and do all kinds of stuff. It will be great! :)

Anonymous said...

Oops! Forgot to leave my name. The above post if from Cindy.