Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I forgot how much ganirelix stings when you inject it. Huh. Funny how we wipe such memories from our minds. I shot up at work, intending to finish a project before going home, but ended up just sitting there rubbing my belly and moping because I couldn't concentrate. So I gave it up as a bad job, and went off to rub my belly at home.

I had some potential spotting this morning, so now I'm a bit worried about things happening too early, but hopefully the old witch will hold off for another couple of days. We'll see. Hey, at least it'll give me another thing to worry about, because obviously I didn't have enough things to stress over. I find I spend most of my time at the moment writing out lists of things I must do before I leave for NY. Or mentally making other lists. The lists are depressingly long on the work front, but hopefully I can pull some work concentration from somewhere and get through it all, rather than listlessly surfing for yet more IVF information that won't help me anyway. At least the house is slowly getting organized, and the laundry is slowly getting done so that's an improvement.

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