Saturday, July 21, 2007

Holy needles, Batman

I started shooting up yesterday, and man, that's a lot of drugs. It didn't help that I was using up old vials of follistim from my last cycle, and switching to the pen. And using menopur. So it took three injections to get everything in my belly. Having said that, I think it'll take three injections most nights, as I got the 300 unit follistim cartridges, hoping to take full advantage of the overfill in order to get some free drugs, and my daily dose right now is 450 units. So I'll always have to change the cartridge half way through and re-stick myself. And then add the menopur for another 150 units. The cartridges involve much less liquid than the vials though, and using the pen is a breeze so it shouldn't take long. Also, once I am in NY, the dosage should go down, and I'm getting some donated meds (which is totally and utterly awesome and huge thanks are due to my IVFC buddies). So I think I'll be on bigger cartridges with a lower dose, hence I won't have to switch half way through, and will therefore be down to 2 sticks a night. But of course will be adding ganirelix at some point, so will be back up to 3 again. Oh well. Just so long as it's not 4 shots a night, eh?

It seems weird to do the entire dose all at once. Old Clinic had me split the dose up 12 hours apart, which actually made for more shots every day but each one involved less liquid so seemed less daunting somehow.

Anyway, Big Clinic doesn't want me back again until Tuesday morning, when they only want me to do bloodwork. I am a bit freaked that I won't be doing an ultrasound, but I have been talking to myself and telling myself that even if I had a dominant follicle at that stage we'd still try to stim for a few more days. So actually seeing a dominant follicle would freak me out without any treatment benefit. So I am trying to trust that they know what they're doing and not go in there screaming like a banshee on Tuesday morning, demanding an ultrasound. It sounded like my estrogen level was high from the patches, and they said it takes a few days for the follicles' production of estrogen to overcome the amount left over from the patches, so it is a slow start to stims. I hope so.

Did you notice that I said "it sounded like my estrogen level was high"? I am damn proud of myself that I did not ask for numbers. Damn proud. This will be the cycle of blissful ignorance, I am determined. This will be the cycle of trying to trust the doctors.

OK, now where's that UPS guy with my copy of Harry P. and his Hallows?? He's ruining my plans for the weekend by not being here yet. *Pout*

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linda said...

I, too, am trying to trust my doctors on this cycle (#4 for me). I think that at some point we exhaust ourselves and the only thing we can do it just let them do their thing. I'm so tired of fighting them but I also don't give a damned about what they think when I tell them some of the half baked stuff I do to increase my chances (ie, immune treatments, etc).

Gosh I hear you on the massive number of needles. I'm doing 2 in the AM and 3 at night right now but tomorrow I get to add in my lovenox, so then it'll be 3 and 3. There has to be some sort of vocational opportunities for those of us that have become injection experts over the years. Ya'd think...

I'll be checking in on you to see how your cycle is going!