Friday, July 27, 2007

Bunking off

I am bunking off work today to go do some sightseeing. It is, after all, my vacation for the year as well as an IVF trip. So, as I didn't bring a laptop with me, I'll have limited internet access for the weekend. I'm currently in the patient resource center for Large Hospital of which Big Clinic is a part. It's pretty swank, with blazing fast internet and full access to medical articles, so I'll be doing a bit of sleuthing later. There's a couple of articles that I've wanted to read in full but have been too cheap to pay for. But now I don't have to pay! Yay for cheapness.

So I'll be blogging from the Blackberry if there's anything to report. Yesterday's instructions were to stay on the same stims dosage for 2 nights, and to report back for another u/s and b/w on Saturday morning. So I'll hopefully get a better count then, and see how the follicles are going. Probably there won't be much action, but we'll see. If there's no news, it just means that nothing extraordinary is going on.

Oh, and on the CD2 E2 result - that was on estrogen priming, so it is expected to be elevated as I was wearing an estrogen patch on my butt when they took the blood. Don't know what my FSH was as I couldn't see that on screen, but it is likely to be lower than normal due to the estrogen priming, so wouldn't be accurate anyway.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, I see. So, the cd6 E2 was still influenced by the patch? I wonder why they check the E2's that early if that is the case? What can it tell you if the number is influenced by the patch? Humm... interesting.

Can't wait for tomorrow's report! Sounds like a nice place. Is the rest of the place nice too? Waiting, exam rooms, etc... Tell us all about Big New Clinic! :)