Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm here! I'm here!

Greetings from a very rainy NY!

Traveling went smoothly, most of the time. I was a bit worried about getting through security with all my injectable medications but they barely looked at them. I told them going through the scanner that they were injectable meds, and then they took my bag, pulled one bag with 4 follistim boxes out of my bag, took a brief look at it, and didn't look at any more. Not exactly what I expected. They seemed more interested in my Sigg water bottle to be honest.

Shooting up in the bathroom was a bit of a nightmare. I decided to shoot up just before boarding, as that would be easier than doing on the plane. What I didn't plan for was that the women's bathroom would only have 4 stalls, and two planeloads of people trying to pee after they came off their flights. The stall was cramped, people were complaining that I wasn't coming out of my stall, I didn't have anywhere to lay out my stuff so mixing was hard, but I got it all accomplished.

We arrived in NY early, and then came the chaos of trying to get on the S-uper Sh-uttle. It's supposed to have a nicely plotted route, organized by destination so people traveling to the same places go in the same bus and get to their destination quickly. Except the drivers earn more by having more fares, so if you're there at the airport, the next driver that comes along is going to squish you into his bus no matter where you're going. Luckily I was dropped off first. Thank the lawd for that.

My room is very blah and unwelcoming. I booked a bigger room at the same place I stayed at for the coculture biopsy. It's a special hotel that accommodates hospital patients and visitors and is pretty basic. But it's cheaper than other hotels, and all rooms are big with full kitchens. Bigger room does not equal more welcoming, however, it just means more blank walls that are crying out for pictures. Any pictures. Even bland hotel style pictures that you normally turn your nose up at would be better than blank walls. At least the bigger room does have a sofa, which is nice, but I long for some personal touches. Oh well, it's only for 2 weeks. I'll survive. I shall buy a vase and some flowers on the way home today, and will keep fresh flowers in the room while I'm here - that should brighten the place up.

The office is very quiet here and business like. Although that could be because they have more space than they need and I'm in a not-so-good part of the office that isn't as full with full-time staff. But I'm here, I'm in, the computer and phone are set up. I have some work, but not too much so it'll keep my mind off things while not stressing me out. I hope. I am looking very NY (I think) in a black and white print wrap dress. It wasn't actually a new purchase for NY but I think it goes well. Didn't look quite so hot coming in - I had socks on with my ballet flats as it was raining cats and dogs, and had my one black cardigan that I brought with me buttoned up against the cold. I just couldn't bring myself to wear sneakers on the way in, but I saw lots of women in wellie boots (sorry, English term, I don't know what you call them - rubber rain boots, maybe?) so that has emboldened me a bit on the sneaker front. I mean, I'd never normally have worn socks but I decided I needed something to soak up the rain. And I'd normally have worn higher heels with this dress, but didn't want to soak them or walk too far in them. I think I need more shoe options so I can see myself buying more footwear while I'm here!

First monitoring is tomorrow morning, but surprisingly it doesn't include an ultrasound. It's bloodwork only. I guess they really do expect this to be a slow stim protocol. I am a tad worried about no ultrasound, but I'm putting it to the back of my mind and trusting them. They know what they're doing, and a bad ultrasound would only stress me out and not change anything. I mean, even if I have dominant follicles, we'd still want to stim a few more days to see if others catch up so it doesn't actually gain me anything by insisting on an u/s now. So I won't.


Anonymous said...

You can totally wear sneakers on your way to work in New York. Flip flops are the preferred walk to work shoes in the summer, but I get by with my senakers just fine. Good luck-

calliope said...

I agree- I bet you could totally work the sneakers. Especially if you are in a lower visibility part of the office.

interesting that they aren't all about the u/s. that actually sounds refreshing!


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it there ok! Can't wait to see what happens next. When do they usually do an US?


Marie-Baguette said...

So glad you made it to New York! Yes, New Yorkers are not very fashionable, especially when there is a storm! At first I was shocked at how relaxed people look here, but hey, extreme weather warrants extreme measures, such as sneakers to go to work! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.